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Robowise scans the market and selects the best stock using multiple well-known trading system. Choose the ones that best fit to you.
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Multiple trading system for all types of inverstors

Form classical value-based strategies to AI based strategies, every investor will find a system that helps him on selecting the best stocks. Yoy'll have all information about the company on hand, all the charts, the fundamental values and the recommended entry and exit prices to keep the risk under control by the trading system.
Combine several trading system to balance your trading profile.

Become a smarter investor

Select the Stocks
Robowise constantly scans the market to find the best stocks according to the eligibility criteria of each trading system
Entry And Exit Prices
Robowise calculates the optimum entry and exit price and the number of stocks to buy to keep within your risk limits.
Manage the risk
Configure your global risk limits depending on your portfolio size and risk aversion.

Feature Highlights

Search Stocks

Search tickers in several markets with multiple criteria, including buy suitability.

Analyse the Fundamentals

Get the most updated company profile and fundamental values for up to date informed decision.

Analyse the Charts

Get all-granularity updated charts with indicators to best understand the price changes and trading volumes.

Get Entry/Exit prices

Let the system calculate the optimal entry and exit prices for each stock and the number of stocks to buy to keep within your risk limits.

Multiple Systems

Subscribe to more than one system to balance your trading among more aggressive or conservative systems.